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BZPower: Spherusden

Pahrak Model ZX


Still getting used to this new layout and everything…ah, welcome back everyone!  I missed you.  Some of you, at least.  The rest of you know what you did.

Kind of a lot happened over the timeskip: my sister got married, I had a sudden-ish move, and I’m between jobs at the moment.  I’ve also been working on my writing, primarily Shooting Star Sonia (3 is almost done!) and a TWEWY fic I’m doing for an event, plus some groundwork for NaNoWriMo and a bit of thought towards Right of Law.  And, I’m pleased to say I’ve made some progress on certain issues I’ve been dealing with, though I won’t go into great detail.

Come to think of it, my 15th anniversary happened during the break.  Let’s see, over the past year I continued working on Shooting Star Sonia and Right of Law, wrote Detective Jaiya and the Baffling Barrier for the Fanfic Exchange, and I won my very first raffle!  That’s about it, though.  Hard to say what next year will bring, but I’m hoping to make progress on Law, and I’m certainly looking forward to the next Fanfic Exchange!  And it seems Mr. Faber could have something interesting in store…

That’s, ah, basically all I have to say for now.  Oh, and the Steven Universe movie is pretty incredible.  Also we’re getting a Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection in January!  Rad stuff.

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