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'Evolution' of... guess :D

Taka Nuvia


Was inspired by Akaku: Master of Flight (how everyone does this fancy tagging, I have no idea :/ ) to make a timeline of my character over the years. So I did that.

[regular link, until I figure out how to link thumbnails ^^]

I couldn't find anything for 2011, so either I really didn't draw her in that year or I lost the scanned files. Don't feel like digging through my myriad or sketchbooks though, so I'll leave it blank for now. I know that especially around 2008-2009 there are tons of different design ideas I tried out, but I picked the ones that stuck for this timeline.

IMO you can only see that my style varied wildly after 2011 while still staying the same somehow? Idk I'm always underwhelmed by the "progress" visible in these timelines, but they're fun to put together ^_^

(also what the karz this character is 11 years old. time flies~)

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I was looking out for this blog-post, not sure how I missed it! It's been a busy week...

It's great to see how far you've come! Even in the last few years, I can see significant improvements to your work in many aspects such as proportions and depth :D

The older ones are giving me a lot of nostalgia, I remember seeing them when you posted them on the forum all the way back when. It really doesn't feel like those days were over a decade ago... Remember when you had me as a co-author for one of your comics series? How time flies, indeed :P

Oh, and to tag other users, you type the "@" symbol in, and then put the name of the user afterward. Sometimes a little drop-down menu will show the username as you're typing it, and you can just click that to get it to fill in the rest :)

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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@Akaku: Master of Flight - oooh, so this is how tagging works. Nice. :D (yeah no worries. I shoud have tagged you, I guess. at least I wanted to. ^^)

Well I am glad that someone sees some improvement there - maybe it's the familiarity, but for me they all look more or less the same :lol: except for the very old ones, maybe.
And oh wow, that comic. That was so long ago... nice to see it again, though. :] I think we've both come a long way...

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