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Ambitious Bionicle Mosaic Idea



So I've helped make a bunch of Bionicle mosaics over the last nine years.  The first couple we did as a large group, but over time people's interest (and parts collection) waned, while my interest in making cool Lego mosaics has grown.  I gave up on trying to do big group projects after I ended up doing over half of the 2016 "group" mosaic, and instead Chocolate Frogs and I have done a couple of smaller size ones that have traveled around the convention circuit.


We're coming up on the 20th anniversary of Bionicle.  (In 2020 or 2021, depending on where you start count.)  So I was thinking... what if we made a big mosaic to celebrate the theme on this anniversary.  Nothing as complicated at the Lenticular mosaics design wise, but something larger than we've attempted before.  I couldn't make this on my own... but if we could get a handful of people in the community to participate, we could turn this into a big project.  And if we aim for BrickFair 2020, that should give us plenty of time to plan, order parts, build, cancel, force me to build a replacement, ext.

The tentative idea I have at the moment is a collage of different characters arranged in a movie-poster style.  In the center would be the likes of Takanuva and Mata Nui (09 Toa form), and then slightly smaller on the sides would be filled out with other Toa from over the years.  I'm thinking at the moment of Kopaka Mata, Tahu Nuva, Matau Metru, Nuparu Inika, Hahli Mahri, and Pohatu Phantoka, representing the main six elements and most of the yearly Toa teams.  (Nobody cares about the Hordika).  But I'd be willing to shift around characters if need be; Vakama and Matoro would also likely fit in well here.  Design wise, I would try to create a solid 2x2 baseplate mosaic of each character (slightly larger for Takanuva and Mata Nui) and then merge them all together (with some overlapping, fading, ext) and throw in a Bionicle title for good measure somewhere.  (Maybe something like this?)  This would be a more complicate image than usual; every other mosaic I've done has been purely based off one picture, and then I tweak the bricks to help fit the style.  This would require a lot more additional work, and it would be nice to have feedback for what works and doesn't.  The overall size would be maybe 5x6 baseplates (160x192 studs) which would be pretty large and require additional work to get an easel to hold the pieces.  But if we could put something like this together... oh it would be epic.

But clearly this is just in the idea phase right now, but I'm putting this out to see if there would be any interest.  Oh, also I have a bunch of engraved bricks for mosaic contributors too, so feel free to be influenced by that bribe.  ;)



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