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Star Trek and becoming a better person

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That title really sets this up to be some fancy article behind a paywall or a self-help/autobiography I guess.

I really just wanted to try out the blog again, see what's still shambling along on BZP. I don't remember what my blog title was previously but this is more endearing in a weird sort of way I think.

So how's everyone been? I've been away from here a long time and although I only ever made a handful of really good friends, this was always such a lively community even just a few years ago and I could always count on some familiar faces to pop up. Between name changes and people just falling off the face of the Earth I'm not even sure who's left here that knows/knew me. I'm doing alright, and I really like Star Trek now! If you haven't watched Star Trek you should maybe probably definitely watch Deep Space Nine, or at least The Next Generation. Both are really excellent shows and I'm sort of ashamed it took me until this summer to ever get around to watching them (half a season left of DS9 so no spoilers for that section!).

One thing I do remember about the blogs was a lot of posts about hardships or struggles in users' lives. I'm getting better all the time and I hope everyone else is too. Beyond just the usual secondhand embarrassment when looking back on oneself, I was a very bitter and hurt person behind all the Epics and BZPGOT fun.  I've since worked through things and shaped up and again, I sincerely hope everyone else facing internal or external problems is able to fight through them and find a resolution swiftly.

Oh yeah, and to tie it together I guess, a lot of the Star Trek characters, and their own struggles, have been very relatable and inspiring to me as well, so I guess in some small part watching them has actually had some kind of benefit. Never let anyone tell you TV or other media are mindless entertainment! (Says the would-be writer.)

Well that's about all I've got for now I think. This was supposed to be much more grandiose and a lot less rant-ish when I wrote down that title, but it's getting late and there's a tiny little bit of a thrill to just be back on BZP and see it still going after the overhaul that I couldn't hold back, so this'll have to do.

-Bonkle/Terrorsaur/Chromedome/the dozen other names I've had

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