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Set Review: 75937 Triceratops Rampage

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I think my new way to do set reviews will be via Instagram.  Sure, I'm limited to square photos only, but it's the easiest at the moment.  There's not exactly a ton of room for text, but I can elaborate here if I really want to!


More pictures and videos on Instagram

This set is $59.99 and has 447.

I totally got this set for the Triceratops.  The coloring of the dino is new, but I believe the mold was reused from the 2012 Dino theme.  And we've had three or four waves of dino sets since then, but we haven't had a real herbivore since 2012.  (Yes, I realize there was one Jurassic World dino last year that was technically a herbivore, but it basically reused the body of the raptors, so I'm disqualifying it for my argument.)  The dino itself is great; posable legs and neck, to a degree.  Big, bulky, and expensive, so there is something to be said of cooler brick-built designs... but hey I wanted a triceratops and now I've got one.  Desire achieved!

The rest of the set is fairly bland.  The figs are okay, but nothing stellar.  (I mean, half are PoC so I guess that's good.  It's based off some new Lego cartoon that ties in with the movies... I don't really care for either so I don't have much to say about them.)  It comes with a basic 4-Wheeler for Chris Pratt, but the carrot on a stick feature is funny.  It comes with a collapsible fence for the triceratops to break thru.  (Seriously, all the Lego Jurassic park fences are terrible, it's like they don't even want to keep the dinos contained!)  It comes with a mini Jurassic World gate and some other things like a sign and trash can.  Meh.  The ride itself looked fairly basic, but I'm spoiled after things like the Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel.  After putting together the spinning ride, I have to say that it is pretty satisfying, and makes good use of the new gear plates.  It would fit well in any amusement park, even with the dino egg theme it has going.

Is the set worth it?  Absolutely not.  The price for the big triceratops mold and the licensing fees make this way too expensive for what you get; it feels like a $40 set, not a $60 set.  If you can get it for sale, then maybe.  If you absolutely want the Triceratops (like me) then it's okay, but honestly I think it might be the weakest of the Jurassic World sets from this wave.  I have trouble recommending this set when there are a bunch of others to choose from.  It's a $60 Triceratops and parts pack, basically, but the ride is still fun to put together.  (And it's not like the concept isn't used elsewhere; I think a Harry Potter has the exact same feature.)


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