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Meet My Cocoa Puff!!

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Recently moved back home for a season, and one of the greatest joys is spending time with my parents' dog, Dakota. We've been working hard at going for a walk every day before work, which is good for both of us. He keeps me very accountable, and is uncannily good at guilt-tripping. While splicing the video together, he was kind of upset at me, like "Why are you sitting around watching videos of me when I'm literally right here. Play with me!" 


Here's a picture of his guilt-tripping pose. Nobody taught him that. He's a natural. I like to sing the lines from Bohemian Rhaphsody to him when he does this, the ones that go "I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me. (he's just a poor boy, from a poor family)". You'd think nobody ever gives him any attention, the spoiled thing. (I promise, he gets a ton of attention from everyone at home.)



As for why I call him my Cocoa Puff, I'm sure other pet owners can relate, but it just seemed like the natural progression of nicknames, ya know? Dakota, Koko, Mr. Koko, then Cocoa Puff. Even though he's not actually that puffy. 

(slight apologies, only recently had time to get back on the forums, so not totally following what's been going on in the blogosphere and such. but I don't think a dog video can do any harm, right? I happen to think he's very cute and hope others can enjoy as well) 

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