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Pohatu Nuva Minifig

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Bionicle Pens strike again!

Black Six recently sent me a rare Bionicle Toa Nuva pen he found at BrickFair NJ this year.  (Don't worry, I paid him back for it.)  I've been able to track down the Toa Mata pens and their mini Toa masks, but the Nuva variants have been a bit harder to come by.  Instead of a mask clipping over one of the beads, it has a pin attachment to a head shaped bead.  Sadly the pin itself isn't compatible with Lego elements, so the mask only attached to the head bead.  But the head bead itself can modestly attach to a minifig torso, so the implications were clear.  It also came with a Toa tool, which had vaguely anti-stud connections on it.  They're not the strongest, but it does allow him to hold only the stylized weapon as a fig.  Horray!

I'm not sure if the armor combination I put together is the best, but I didn't dig too much through my collection to find these so there's always room for improvement.  The head placement does make the proportions seem a bit more awkward than the previous Toa figs I made, and its perhaps worse on Pohatu, who's normally supposed to be a hunchback.  But hey, first try.  Maybe eventually I'll get the pens for the other Toa Nuva and make yet another minifig team of Toa with obscure pen mask heads...


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