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The Roles of Bota Magna

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The Mayor of Krutiera Magna - The Mayor of Krutiera Magna acts as as a 'leader' of Krutiera Magna, chosen by a combination of the populace's votes and then the Lord of Earth picking from a pool of candidates put forward. The Mayor is expected to act on the behalf of Krutiera Magna's populace, while also keeping the Lord of Earth's rule intact. While they may seem redundant with the Lord of Earth present, the Lord of Earth cannot rule an entire city by themselves. For that reason, the Mayor is expected to report to the Lord of Earth on how things are going in Krutiera Magna.

Captain of the Guard - The Captain of the Guard is in charge of Krutiera Magna's guard force, which also doubles as its military. The Captain is expected to organise the defence of Krutiera Magna against threats, outside and inside, though they cannot command the Palace Guard - only the Lord of Earth may do such a thing. They also report to the Mayor, rather than the Lord of Earth.

Palace Guard - The Palace Guards serve the Lord of Earth above all else, even Krutiera Magna which the Lord of Earth rules. As such, they guard the Palace of Earth, and often accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go, and in some aspects serve as their bodyguards, though the Lord of Earth is capable of defending themselves. In addition, they can command Krutiera Magna's guard force, a fact that can sometimes cause friction if the Palace Guard are seen to be abusing their privileges of command. 

Advisor to the Lord of Earth - The Lord of Earth is wise, but not infallible. As such, they need someone to advise them on certain matters, and the Advisor is also expected to accompany the Lord of Earth wherever they go. They are also the individual the Lord of Earth trusts the most - if the Lord of Earth were to be absent, and the Advisor remaining behind, the Advisor would be allowed to represent the Lord of Earth, basically taking the run of things until the Lord of Earth returns.

Diplomat - The Diplomat is expected to represent Krutiera Magna when dealing with those from the other settlements such as Bota Minor and Antrauta, and in part due to that is not allowed to carry too much advanced technology on them so as to not jeopardise relations with Bota Minor.



Chieftain - The Chieftain is the overall leader of Bota Minor, descending from Bota Minor's current ruling family. They are expected to act in the interests of Bota Minor, and respect its traditions while taking a zero tolerance policy towards any and all technology. 

Heir to the Chieftain - The Heir of the Chieftain is next in line to become Bota Minor's Chieftain, as a descendant of the Chieftain. They are to be prepared for their time leading Bota Minor, and one of these ways is by acting in place of the Chieftain whenever the Cheiftain is away, as well as advising them (which will also help them when they come to power). If they were irresponsible, they might be able to get away with a lot due to their position.

Emissary - The Emissary handles diplomatic relations with the other settlements of Bota Magna, and is expected to report upon developments within those other settlements, in part so that the spread of technology does not lead to another shattering. Were they to be particularly underhanded, they might even think about sabotaging the technology they find in the possessions of others...

Farmer - The Farmer farms, tending to the large farms on the swampy forest floor beneath Bota Minor. They are expected to care for and grow high-quality produce, assisted by the Scarabigs (domesticated large scarabax beetles), and are also expected to fend off anything that might threaten the farms - insects of varying size, saboteurs, disease; and are often heavily involved in the production of medical salves, poisons, and antidotes of Bota Magna.

General of the Vineguard - The General of the Vineguard leads the Vineguard - a force dedicated to the safety of Bota Minor, as well as the destruction of any technology found within Bota Minor, and the well-being of the trees that Bota Minor is based upon.



The Chancellor Elected by a vaguely defined council of individuals considered to be of significance in Antrauta (who themselves are elected), the Chancellor is the closest thing Antrauta has to a proper leader. Their leadership is not concrete, and thus their authority can be challenged, though for the sake of ease many go along with it as long as the Chancellor has been earnestly representing and benefiting Antrauta, not to mention the ire of any allies the Chancellor may have.

The Speaker - Like the Chancellor, the Speaker of Antrauta is elected from the council of Antrauta, however, instead of 'leading' Antrauta, the Speaker of Antrauta is expected to represent Antrauta in diplomacy. As such, rather than a subordinate of the Chancellor, they are an equal who may do what they want, with the expectation that it benefits Antrauta in some way. 

Commander of the Order of Outcasts - The Order of Outcasts is a militia dedicated to defending Antrauta, led by its Commander, who also does not answer to anyone's authority but their own when it comes to defending Antrauta - a fact that fortunately has not often been exploited; as unlike the Chancellor or Speaker, they are not elected from the council - the Commander is selected from within the Order of Outcasts. at least whenever a new one is needed.


Vorox Warlord - In the wilderness of Bota Magna, there are many Vorox - some solitary, some who live together, some feral, some spurned and exiled. While they could choose to go to Antrauta, many of them prefer to live in the wilderness of Bota Magna - their appearance does them no favours after all. Some, however, have dreams of leading their own pack, and taking what they can..

Hermit of the Northern Wastes - In the icy Northern Wastes of Bota Magna lives a small and disconnected community of Ice Agori, largely ignorant of Bota Magna at large, living in peace and often not communicating with others except for trade. This is one such Ice Agori.


There we go, the roles of Bota Magna. These roles aren't 100% finalised, though I doubt they will change much. 

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