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California Fires 2020 Update 1

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Work on Wednesday was agonizing. It was really hard to get anything done while keeping the burn map open and watching it spread closer and closer to my girlfriend's place of residence. They were never under mandatory evacuation, but everyone around them was so they left anyway. It did end up jumping the highway, leaving a whole new range of people in danger and forced to evacuate. We were not one of those groups, but its still terrifying to watch a fire line inch closer and closer to your home. It got only a mile away from my girlfriend's house which might seem like it lot, but this thing has grown massive since it first started. Mostly its heading north, which is some comfort for us. Either weather is favorable or fire crews got a handle on it where we live. Some evacuations orders have been lifted and it does not seem to have moved much in the past few days (toward us) despite there only being overall 7% containment.

But the winds are driving it north. So while we might be okay, there are entire communities still at risk. The number of personnel involved in fighting it has tripled and I'm grateful for each and every one of them. I'm hoping for favorable weather so they can fight it successfully, but apparently there's more lightning predicted for this weekend. We really don't need another fire.

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