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Brickfair Highlights



Just a few bullet points for now. Later in the week, I'll try to get a more detailed write-up/update up.

  • For the first time, I'm sharing a hotel room, not with my dad, but with some Bionicle community members. Shout out to @Ziontyro Metalhead
  • I win a Ford Mustang at opening Door Prizes.
  • Red Axle Creature at combo build
  • I stop @jed1ndy pacing to talk to him.
  • Getting a tile printed with @Mushy the Mushroom's drawing honoring the memory of my cat Gilroy
  • Smelling deals at the yard sale
  • I jump on the "Pins on backpack" train.
  • Being able to talk to cool people without making a complete fool of myself
  • "You look like the type of person who's heard of Homestuck"-I point out this is an insult.
  • Meeting someone who recognizes my online name.
  • We live in a society.
  • Chris-chan did WHAT???
  • People actually like my moc: "WOW!...Betrayal at House on the Hill!"
  • Small G&T reunion at KBBQ. Shout outs to my dawgs @Unit#phntk#1 and @-ToaD-
  • I stick around for adult swim in the convention center for the first time, drink a few white claws, and play around in a pit of green bricks with some cool people. @socketball@Toa Niretta@Obsessionist@Mr. Cod@Tor
  • I get a Brickee?!?!?!?

Some of these might be a little short or vague, but I can always answer any questions in the comments. Thank you everyone for making it such a great time!

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7 hours ago, Bambi said:

Sounds like a fun time. ^^

So, what does getting jack stoned entail? :P

Someone went around the convention and stuck Jack Stone figures on a lot of mocs. I overheard someone else theorize that this was "probably a dumb meme like 'GET JACK STONED'". I thought that was really funny.

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Congratulations on winning prizes! Thanks so much for letting me draw your Gilroy, I’m perfectly floored over this.  Sounds like a fabulous event, quite enjoyed reading about it! ^_^

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