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Kracked Theories 1: What Are The Great Beings?

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It's time for one of my theories..so sit back, relax, and enjoy the crazy.


It's actually an idea I had a long time ago, but due to recent evidence it just seems to get more and more true.


I'm just going to go ahead and say it, that way you wont have to read.


The Great Beings are people. Like you and me.


Now for those of you still here I'll try and clarify it.


When the mystery of the Great Beings first came about it more or less just hit me. What would be the perfect creator of the entire Bionicle world. Then I looked down at the Toa in my hand and realized who really was the creator of Bionicle...me. We make the sets and the world in our mind. What would be a more perfect answer in the story then that simple idea. The Bionicle world was made by people just like us.


First it was just an idea...but now more and more seems to be supporting it. The first thing that got me was when we were told everything above ground on the Bionicle planet is infact organic, the biomechanic begins all came from underground. Everything underground was basically crafted by the Great Beings, either with their own hands or by their creations such as the matoran and Mata Nui. So if biologic things exist, but biomechanical beings were all created by the Great Beings, it goes without saying that the Great Beings are biologic, otherwise who would have created them?


Also, doesn't the original story of the matoran sound alot like your average robot today. Only knowing their work, those who couldn't work any more went to Karzahni to be repaired or destroyed (think Junkyard)...or went to Artakha to continue their work in the light. This is basically a metaphor for the actual life of a machine.



The most recent information about the Great Beings have been provided by the Gali blog. There was the list of things to do written by the Great beings, written on paper. Maybe I'm just reading into it but the idea of paper screamed human to me in this machine world. Plus theres more...and it leads into another great mystery, the red star.


It's been said that if Mata Nui died that all of the Bionicle universe would go with him, but the Red Star would remain. This shows that something exists that Mata Nui has no power over, he cannot affect things created before he was, or things that exist outside his domain. We also know that the red star has guided the matoran for years with its perfectly placed astrological locations. Even more recently the star has taken a more direct approach when it created the Inika. Now it seems Gali Nuva has discovered the greatest mystery of the Red Star...there are beings inside it.


Now if you had created a massive world, set it in motion and let it grow..wouldn't you wanna stick around and see what happens? I know I would.


I believe it is the Great Beings themselves (a few of them at least) that inhabit the star, ever watching and indirectly helping they're little creations.


So what have we learned class? The great beings are biologic, they have very human technology, and they have a giant red space ship that flies around keep an eye on things.


Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, at least by Bionicle standards.



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