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Another Day

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another day, of my big six week holiday, starting to order stuff for my b-day, a couple of bionicle books, the cars pc game, a toa inika t-shirt and toa matoro but i am sure that list will grow before the actual day :lol:


bussy week coming up on the 16th august its my mum's birthday, the 17th my cousins birthday, then the 18th mine, then 19th is the day we go on holiday for a week and the the 20th is my mum and dad's aniversery, so i probably won't be on here for along time.


does any one know whats going on with completly of topic thing, pages are dissapearing day by day, but this does not happen on any other topic.


aerodu are still thrashing geoto! come on! lets destroy geoto before the end of this week!

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