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Inika, Inika Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink

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That's right, I have all the Inika now! :happydance:


I got Jaller, Hewkii, Nuparu, and Hahli on Saturday and they were amazing! Their light up weapons are easily 3 times better than the Piraka's eyes (and those were pretty cool to begin with), they're practically deadly with their rapidfire ability, and despite what other people think, they're masks are some of the coolest yet. I liked them so much that I even made a video review (which should show up in the Official Review Topic some time tomorrow). Today, Matoro and Kongu went off backorder and so I got and built them, but no review this time- there just wasn't a lot to say.


Overall, I think that Nuparu is my favourite; it just doesn't get better than claws and shoulder-Zamor.

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I probably wont be able to get all, but I do intend to get at least three.


Great stuff they are, even though I still am a little grumpy 'bout there masks.

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:blink: REALLY? did you get them off retail or S@H?



Shop @ Home, I don't think they're even out in retail stores yet, but you never know. :notsure:

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I only have Hewkii -- but he rocks. Once I get the other 5, it's going to be a toss-up between Hewkii, Matoro, and Jaller for my favorite.



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ive got all six inika :P i got the inika six-pack at shop@home before backorder ate it :P anyway,i agree..the inika are AWESOME..as all the reviews said >.>anyway,i say my jaller MOC is my favorite.its just a toa inika-with mixed parts.nuparu is pretty awesome with the shoulder mounted zamor :P the inika are the best toa yet, i say.kardas and the other titans will make a nice addition, once i have them.




:tohu: US- VK :tohu:




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