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Silly Server

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Bionicle Guru


The server is really killing my blogging game here on BZPower. I had a nice entry written up a few days ago to post here, but since the server decided to lag, I lost all of it. Naturally, I lost the desire to retype the entry, so all my fellow readers get is what I am writing now.


But in short, yes, I have come back from Pittsburgh and CMU. I made a lot of new friends and strengthened some old friendships. Much fun was had, and now I am back in my dreary home. I start school next week, and with classes like AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP English Literature, I have quite a bit of work to do. Not to mention, I have to apply to college this year and finally move out into the world. Yikes.


Bionicle-wise, I am very impressed with my two Toa Inika, and I declare the Inika to be the best set of six Bionicle figures to date (beating out the Piraka who beat out the Toa Metru who beat out the Rahkshi who beat out the Toa Nuva who beat out the original Toa). BORNICLE writing will resume soon. Readers should check that out for something new I am planning to do with the way I add chapters. This should be interesting.


Until next time,

Bionicle Guru

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That darn server is a real pain, isn't it? What I do is, on a slow day, I try to copy what I write onto word if I can.


Welcome back! I hope you enjoy school! :P As a college student myself, a can tell you with absolute conviction that things will only get worsr. Much, much, worse. :evilgrin:


Sweet dreams!

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