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Bionicle Graphic Novel #1

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Today I picked up the graphic collection of the first Bionicle comics at B&N. A little pricey, but it's excellent! All the pages are colorful and glossy, just as good as the original comics, or even better. True, it is a little bit smaller, but the artwork looks just the same. In fact, considering how thick each page is, I'm surprised its only a couple dollars more than the regular books.


Now, why did I get this book? I already know the story by heart... and I have half the lines memorized anyway. Plus, back home I still have my entire Bionicle comic collection; some in better condition than others, true, but they're still readable. I even have a limited edition copy of Comic 1, which I got from BZP when I achieved OBZPC-ship.


No, I got this entirely for it's nostalgic properties. Because, when asked about the golden days of Bionicle, I think of the first two years of the comics. (Well, and the MNOLG, but that's beside the point) The dialogue and action are supreme, and there are countless lines in there that I've used in epics over and over again. The Rahi and Bohrok era were the pinnacle of Bionicle comics in my mind. By the time the Rahkshi came around, half the story was being left out because it was already told in the movie. The Metru-Nui sagas were even worst, as the comics just delivered colorful side stories, leaving the movies to carry the bulk of the main plot. (And comics > movies in this sense) By the time we got to 06, we had a new artist who no longer drew the characters in their set forms (just as the sets had become articulate enough for him to do so, really) and most of the battles became blasts and witty comments. I'm not saying that I dislike the comics of today... but they hold nothing to the original comics.


Lego was kind enough to re-release these comics, showing that they are reaching out to some old nostalgic fans. Although I don't need the book, because I already have the original material, I still bought it to support Lego. And also, no matter what, having artwork with the Toa Mata in action is super cool. What got me hooked on Bionicle in the first place. If your comic supply in insufficient, then you most certainly should pick these up. Otherwise, it's just a repeat of your comics... although this book is bound to stay in better condition than some of the old comics from 01.


Of course, I am not going to buy every Graphic Novel that comes out... the Rahkshi era may be worth it, but Metru-Nui and beyond definitely aren't. Yet I couldn't pass up a chance to get one last reminder of 2001 and 2002.


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Plus, after having read the flashbacks in Bionicle Legends 10, I can see soooo many similarities. Greg was obviously drawing from the comics when he wrote those flashbacks... something I didn't realize until I looked through the Graphic Novel today. Yeah!



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I plan on getting all of them in hard cover, just to complete my collection and keep the comics in good condition. Besides, the only Bionicle books I don't have (besides all those weird activity books that started in 2006) are the original comic collection and the sticker book.


Edit: Why don't you have a Tahu quote in your sig, xccj?

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Because his sig is already too big. :P


You're lucky. All my 01-mid 02 comics have vanished. Probably when I moved. :(

No, my sig is at the limit, not exceeding it. 5 lines. Adding Tahu would push it over. :sly:


I may just make a blog entry dedicated to cool comic quotes...



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