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Too Sleepy

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But I muuuust blog...


Lats night, I stayed up way too late hanging out with my first roomie, the one who moved out last quarter to go hang out at a frat. So he hung around in my room doing a last minute (seriously) make-up lab while I cleaned, and we have various Fox animated shows running in the background.


Today, I woke up way too early (about the time my classes would begin normally), finished packing, and cleaning. The stupid dorms rented out a vacuum because I had to clean my room. Unfortunately, the vacuum sucked, because it didn't suck. I spent an hour of my life trying to unclog that stupid thing, and it still didn't work. And when I finally got checked out and everything, I faced a cit wide traffic jam. (Seriously, Bellevue to Fort Lewis, if that makes any sense to any Seattleites). Now I'm home, but too sleepy to really do much on the Internet.


And I am half way done with my story and only have two weeks to finish it. Arg...



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Which side of the state border is "home"? Hmm? Or are you too tired to figure that out? =)

Right now, the closest Big City is Portland, Or, so I'm in Southwestern Washington (Address 54321 NS ImagonastokU Street.)



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Oh. I'm just south of Portland in a town that's stuck between two growing towns, and is being swallowed up, so I doubt you could find it on Google Earth or Google Maps. That makes me so happy too say. ^_^

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