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Guess what I've been working on? :)


The only unfortunate point is, I have to have it done by Tuesday morning, and I have meetings all day Monday. So flashback to last December, when I worked 15 hour days to get the Phantoka update done. This isn't that bad, but still, working on weekends stinks.


At least the weather sucks too, so I'm not missing anything.


Clearly some of the things in the snapshot above are placeholders - and some aren't. I'll leave you to ponder which is which, and it's not as obvious as you'd think. You'll see the final version in a couple of weeks.


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In the bottom right corner I can see Icarax, at the top I think its one of those music-videos,under that Mistika profiles and yeah. Pretty good, Bink. Can't wait tilll its online! :onfire: Young Turaga :onfire:

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Hey bink I wouldn't mind helping you out as an apprentice. School starts in a few months and I haven't really decided on my major yet and this could help.

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when can we expect to see this up and running?

The new site will come on July 1st.


~Gata. ;)

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