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Time To Address The Comments

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Toa Pilak Evolved



Well it is fairly easy to figure the holidays in Singapore since it corresponds to our school terms. Our school term lasts about three months each hence we have two one week holidays and two one month holidays., All this is not counting any public holidays we have in-between.


Altough it can be viewed as a simple way to secure reviews, it can certainly be much more than that. Someone being accepted as a guest star allows that person to (normaly)create a good relation with the writer. Altough it can be true that the GS serve mainly as a way to make sure that the reviews keep coming, many times the reader and the reviewer can form a good friendship, and can really become a more cooperative team, working together to help each other, specially in the epic.


Besides the simpel fact that being a guest star makes the reader feel valored and makes him think of himself not as much as a 'random paserby reviewer', but rather as 'someone who the writer kind off trusts'.


Hm I can understand your sentiments perfectly since, assuming I am guessing this right, the usage of guests introduce a certain aspect of interactivity though however limited and improves the relationship between the author and reviewer.


PS: I don't know if you've seen it, but have you passed your eyes on the 'Official How to Review' topic? I for one started a little project in there, and jut because I haven't udated it, doesn't mean it should be dead(both the topic and the project).


Yep, I have seen once or twice before and it has produced some results (however obscured they may be) but then such good topics have been decline along with such enjoyable underdog epics.



Aw, that sounds disappointing. There's no way to still do your beach holiday, but at a non-conflicting time?


What is your major exam for?


Well there is, during December but that is the time when heavy thunderstorms are frequent


And that major exam would be the GCE O-level examination which is dubbed the largest turning point in any students education and as some would have guessed there is a similar variant in Britain which is also marked by Cambridge. Yes it is a great honour to have your paper marked by some old guys sitting in a musty and possibly dusty room marking their years away.


Little Miss Krahka:

HAHA! My very favorite kind of blog entry! The apathetic "Nothing happened today and it was boring" entry!


It sure is depressing having to resort to posting the 'ole 'Nothing Happened today post' just to have something to post on a blog. If ####### was enabled here it would certainly make things interesting.


Don't worry, I will write up a proper rant tomorrow when I have collected fragments of my mind...

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Goodness Pilak, your life is hecktic right now :P. Your bit on the guest stars and the library forum on BZP make sense. I often wish there was something I could do to help the underdog epics here, so I tried to make the R&R Squad (Some will remember that) and yet it failed. I feel there is no alternative :(.


It did give me something to think about now, since I'll be returning to writing here on BZP. I'll be back to see what's up with your vacation later.

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Oh no, TPE, you're going through the same dilemna I had when I did my O's... last year!


I see what you mean by the epic situation here. Lots of epics, good ones, bad ones, the good underdog ones that deserve more views. Since I'm in the same boat as you on this one, I have to agree.


Meanwhile, don't stress yourself out studying and studying. Go for that beach vacation; it'll release stress which hinders studying effectiveness. :lol:


And I'll say this to ya (and you'll be probably one of the rare few who understand this), "Jia you jia you!"



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