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Kung Fu Panda

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Now for something not boring and life related.... A Movie Review! I just saw this movie earlier today and figured I would give this reviewing thing a try, plus just to add something here!


Kung Fu Panda!


~First, the Plot. The main character, Po, is a fat lazy panda who dreams of being an awesome fighter like his idols, the Furious Five. Through a strange series of events, he is accidentally chosen as the Dragon Warrior, who is supposed to be a Kung Fu master who can defeat a great evil warrior who is threatening the valley.

It's pretty simple (what do you expect from a Disney movie?), but it does have some deeper, darker parts.


~Next, the Action. The movie has a lot of great fighting scenes, as any movie with "Kung Fu" in the title should. Basically every other scene with the Furious Five in it has a whole bunch of action, and these can be the best scenes in the movie.


~Finally, the Comedy. As this is mainly a children's movie, most of the jokes will be aimed at them, but there is still a lot of basic slap-stick humor for every one to enjoy.


~Final Thoughts: Kung Fu Panda is a kid movie thats fun for every one. Jack Black is great as the panda, and has lots of good lines. The action is the one of the best points of the movie, with tons of crazy spinning flips, kicks, and ninja super jumps. Overall, it is a pretty enjoyable movie that I reccomend to anyone who's into pandas, Kung Fu, and Jack Black.


I give Kung Fu Panda 4 out of 5 stars.

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Kun Fu Panda does have some beutifal animation, and Tigress's story about Shifu was emotional... And I agree about the humour; simple, but it works.


Oh, and Kung Fu Panda isn't from Disney, but Dreamworks.

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Yup, I saw it. Man, that film was great. It was incredibly, laugh-out-loud funny, and also had some top-notch action sequences in it. Sorta like Balls of Fury, only with animated Chinese animals. The best Dreamworks feature since Shrek, IMO. :D


Speaking of which, what about parfait? 'Cause everyone likes parfait . . .



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