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Reality, Cartoon Network Show

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~That Iruini Kid~




Total Drama Island

A New 'Reality' TV show on Cartoon Network


So one day I was sitting around at home sitting in front of the tube watching Cartoon Network. There was a new show coming on. Unlike many shows, this one sparked my interest. Here is what my interest looks like:


I am one who likes American Idol; I'll admit it. I'm a big fan of Spongebob. I've seen all of the shows even the specials. There are some shows that have a good story line. Such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. I lost track of it because I'm busy.


And then some shows drive me nuts. The Mighty B...and...Flapjack. I hope both of the first seasons fail for these show. If you don't know what I'm talking about, all you have to is watch the promos to get your own opinion.


TDI (Total Drama Island) is great... to a point


The Story:

The series is about twenty-two teens appearing in a new reality show similar to Survivor called Total Drama Island, taking place at Camp Wawanakwa, located on an island in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario. The teens are divided into two teams, the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. Every three days, the losing team is called to the campfire at night, where the host, Chris, passes out marshmallows. Those who receive a marshmallow get to stay, while the one who does not get a marshmallow has been voted off the island, and must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which will take him or her away. This process continues on until one person remains on the island (besides the host of the show and the chef in the mess hall). The last contestant will win a $100,000 prize (which the host is certain the contestant will "blow in a week"). This show is an "animated reality show" like Comedy Central's Drawn Together, but not with all the cartoon antics and adult issues.

Couldn't have put it better myself wikipedia.


I've seen every show so far. I feel like you can't have a favorite character until lots of them get voted off. Each character is a typical 16-year-old stereotype. Ranging from the goth loner to the extremely hot girl, from the nerd to the smart aleck.




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Chris MacClean (Voiced by Christian Potenza) is The Sadistic Host.


Chris MacClean is the host of Total Drama Island; who speaks with a "skater" accent. Easy-going and somewhat sadistic, he enjoys watching the campers suffer and many of the challenges are clearly geared towards this end. He has remarked that he didn't really care what happens on the show so long as he still gets paid. His talents include speaking, and skating. Also, he was once in a figure skating contest and won (as told by contestant Trent on the first episode). He has an apparent strong dislike to Izzy; mainly due to her having slept on his doorstep for two weeks before he allowed her to come to the island. Chris will appear in Total Drama Action with upgraded facial expressions.

Screaming Gophers:

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Beth (voice of Sarah Gadon) is The Wannabe. [1]


Beth joined TDI to meet some boys who share similar interests with her, such as chickens. She has a talent for twirling flaming batons, though she can't catch them after tossing them up into the air, (she admitted that she had missed the catching class). Her swimsuit was modeled on the uniforms from Star Trek. [2]


Audition: Beth attempts to sing, but she is off key. She then says that she will be famous one day.

Cody (voice of Peter Oldring) is The Geek. [2]


He enjoys technology, and has established himself as a nerd with the other campers. His personality is cool, or at least he tries to be. He dislikes an unbalanced hypoglycemic index in his diet, and fears having to disarm a time bomb under pressure (and, for the record, we don't blame him). Cody joined TDI so he can “swing” with the cool kids and meet some girls while he's at it. He also has a major crush on Gwen.



Audition: Cody plays on an electronic keyboard and sings a song. His dad tells him to stop making noise. Cody states that one day he will be more famous than somebody, but the camera shuts off before he can say who.

Gwen (voice of Megan Fahlenbock) is The Loner Goth. [3]


She likes spending time alone with her sketch pad. She dislikes locks and lighters. She joined TDI because the money would make life a lot easier for her mother. By choice, she is the loner of her school. Before Total Drama Island, she and her brother would put hot sauce in the port-a-pottys of her high school. She joined TDI just for the amusement of her family, but was not certain they would choose her. The original character designs show Gwen as a redhead, wearing a brown t-shirt and blue jeans. [3] [4]

Heather (voice of Rachel Wilson) is The Queen Bee.


Heather enjoys talking about her popularity or her appearance, she dislikes her annoying brother Damien whom she calls "evil," which is reference to The Omen. She is known for her disdain for others and for being the center of attention. Heather joined TDI because she believed that it would provide highly adequate training for carrying out her long term goal of ruling Europe. She also starts an alliance with Lindsay and Beth to go to the final 3 with her because she thinks that they can listen to her and do whatever she says


Audition: In her audition tape, Heather walks out of the shower with a towel and starts talking about how she will not be nervous if she was on the show. She also talks about how pretty she looks, and she adds that if they pick her, she promises high ratings. Then throws her towel off.Heather (voice of Rachel Wilson) is The Queen Bee.

Izzy (voice of Katie Crown) is The Psycho [4]


Izzy is the more psychotic member of the camp who is soothed by the sounds of horror movie soundtracks (revealed in "Monster Island") and was in fact put to sleep with the sounds as a lullaby when she was a baby. She also howls out at the full moon, and is very fond of the witching hour. She first arrives on the Island by smashing her chin on the edge of the Dock of Shame, though she admits she enjoyed it. Izzy was originally put on the Killer Bass team, but she agreed to switch with Katie (Katie wanted to be with Sadie, who was also on the Killer Bass). She is known for her insane/stalker personality, and her habit of talking slightly faster than normal human speech. She joined Total Drama Island by camping out on the producer's doorstep, and received a restraining order shortly after. She and Owen began going out during her return to the island, when they were seen making out behind a bush in "Hook, Line, and Screamer".


Audition: In her audition tape, she lists a few of her good qualities (being loyal, and smart) then tries to twirl a fire baton, but sets off the sprinklers. In her second audition tape, she demonstrates her "talents", examples of which are being able to roll her eyes backwards and wrapping her tongue around her head.Izzy (voice of Katie Crown) is The Psycho [4]

Justin (voice of Adam Reid) is The Eye Candy. [5]


Justin likes gorgeous objects, or anything that matches him in terms of looks. He is known for his good looks and killer charm. Justin joined TDI so he can donate his winnings to the “Unattractive-Looking People Wish Foundation”. Justin is a very handsome guy, has large washboard abs that he takes particular pride in, and is a highly accomplished and very successful male model and has became somewhat of a sex symbol.


Audition: His audition tape has a man saying his name over and over in the background, while he sits on the beach, looking hot.

Leshawna (voice of Novie Edwards) is The Sister With Tude. [6]


Leshawna likes rolling with her girlfriends. She dislikes anyone who gives her attitude. She is known for being outspoken (Harold described her as "real big and loud"). [5] She also refers to everyone else as 'white boy/girl', I.E., in one episode she yells "You messed with the wrong white girl! [Gwen]." Leshawna joined TDI to show anyone can win if they give it their all and to be a role model for kids on the street. Leshawna, is a whole lot of attitude into a large package, and is street smart.


Audition: Leshawna lists some of her good qualities and tells the viewers to call her if they want her on the show. She then holds a cell phone in her hand and she loses her patience.

Lindsay is The Ditzy Princess.


Lindsay is very simple-minded and lovable, and is the typical "hot blonde" of the show. She is living proof that life is easier when you're drop-dead gorgeous, and dislikes work and dirt. She joined TDI so she could share her beauty with the world. Heather is shown to be jealous of Lindsay's male attention on many occasions, specifically of Tyler's affections for her. She and Tyler had a romance that started in the beginning when Duncan killed a cockroach for Lindsay. She was in an alliance with Beth and Heather. She considered Heather her "best female friend for life". Lindsay has, in the past, had difficulty in remembering contestants names. In total, names she has messed up have been Trent ("Todd"), Duncan ("Doug"), Beth ("Belle"), Eva ("Ava"), Gwen ("Greta"), Leshawna ("Lequisha" and "Lefawnda"), Tyler ("Taylor") and Chris ("Kyle" and "Chip", several times).


Audition: It starts off with her saying that she is pretty and smart and gets along with everyone, even ugly girls. She has every picture of herself in bikinis for every season even for the ones not on the calendar. She then says she is "bilanguagal" and she speaks "American" and English.

Noah (voice of Carter Hayden) is The Brains. [8]


He is a self-absorbed, lazy, manipulative person who blends in with the background. He enjoys sitting, lying down, occasionally leaning, and reading. He dislikes physical activity. He is known for "being a freakish child genius". He joined TDI because he wants to apply skills from fantasy-land survival video games to the real world. Ever since childhood, he'd begun examining the nutritional content of bottles. He is a child prodigy with IQ readings that are off the charts, but the only numbers He is proud of are the high scores on his online video game competitions. He claims his heroes are Newton, Pythagoras, and Kranthor from the game "Kosmic Kaos". While not remotely coordinated or athletic, He is able to come up with remarkable theories why he should sit something out; he used that ability to sit out gym class. He acts very suave and smart-alecky.


Audition: In his audition tape, he tells the camera that smarts always win in the end, and that he has got the competition in the bag. An off-camera voice belonging to a classmate of Noah's named Joey congratulates Noah on winning student body president.

Owen (voice of Scott McCord) is The Comedian/Fat Guy [9]


Owen, A.K.A. "Fatty Ginormus", is a large, enthusiastic boy. He joined TDI because he enjoys summer camp. Beans make him sleepwalk, as well as he consistently passes gas (in the opening sequence, his gas is seen killing a fish). He and Izzy began going out after the events of "Hook, Line and Screamer", where they were seen making out behind a bush.

Trent (voice of Scott McCord) is The "Cool" Guy. [10]


He is “the cool camper”, he enjoys riding his new motorcycle and dislikes his dad telling him to become an accountant. He is known for being simply cool, relaxed, and plays a guitar. He joined TDI because he felt it was a cool way to spend the summer. He is proud of his motorcycle. He has never gone out of his way to "get" people to like him, it simply turned out that way. He never brags about his popularity. Trent has had other girls and guys admiring him; him being too likeable to hate. He was once voted as "Most Mysterious and Irresistible"; it was later discovered the Voting Committee was comprised completely of girls; all of whom dated Him. He Is Also Scared Of Mimes.


Audition: He is seen playing a guitar and singing a song, then a string in his guitar breaks and he says "Oh ______".

Killer Bass:

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Bridgette (voice of Kristin Fairlie) is The Surfer Girl. [11]


Bridgette is a beautiful blond and a compassionate environmentalist, with a knack for surfing. She is not very coordinated on land, and she made her team pay the price on multiple accounts. (Ex. breaking Courtney's violin,[6] setting the team tent ablaze) Bridgette has a talent of doing a hand stand for 20 minutes.[6]


Audition: Her friends, that are mostly guys, cheers her on while she attempts to whistle the yankee doodle song through her nose. After claiming she isn't really good, she then explains she is a good friend and will try her best and either win with integrity or leave with her head held high.

Courtney (voice of Emilie-Claire Barlow) is The Over-Achiever. [12]


A bossy girl who feels the need to be in charge because she has leadership training. Courtney joined the show because she thinks it is a good way to see if she will succeed in real life and is a strong figure of authority upon her team. She is determined to win the contest and the $100,000 with her ethics, love of rules and overall controlling attitude.


Audition: In her audition tape, she tells the camera that she is running for student council president. She promises to conduct herself with honour and integrity if she wins, and then accidentally mixes up her two speeches by promising to donate two new pop machines for the cafeteria. Then she swears (because apparently she got her two speeches mixed-up), and argues with the cameraman when he refuses to tape a re-do.

DJ (voice of Clé Bennett) is The Brickhouse With Heart. [13]


DJ is a tall, sweet-tempered Jamaican-Canadian boy. He joined TDI because he figured that the money would really help his mother fulfill her dream of going back to Jamaica. His talent is rhythmic gymnastics.[6]


Audition: In his audition, he explains all of his good qualities and why he should be in the contest. He then says that if he wins, he will give his prize to his mom because that's how much he loves her. After, he becomes emotional and bursts into tears.

Duncan (voice of Drew Nelson) is The Delinquent.. [14]


A juvenile delinquent who comes from a long line of policemen and policewomen. He is easily angered and cross towards the other members of the Killer Bass. He knows many tactics from his time spent in juvenile detention centers (Ex. Duncan teaches The Killer Bass a dodge ball tactic known as "Crush the new guy")[7], and is easily one of the more physically powerful cast members.


Audition: He is seen climbing down a rope.he's trying to climb down the wall of juvie He talks a bit about himself. When he lands on the ground, the alarms are set off, a light is directed towards him, and guard dogs are barking. Then he runs off.

Eva (Julia Chantrey) is The Grumpy Body-Builder. [15]


Eva is a tough girl who has been in physical training since she was three years old. She is physically the strongest member of Killer Bass, and can be seen defeating Tyler in an arm-wrestling match in the opening sequence. While remaining the strongest on her team, her anger is common to burst out at unexpected moments and it is implied that she rarely smiles (notice that she is the only one who is not smiling in the group picture, although she smiles at her victory against Tyler in an arm-wrestling match). Eva joined TDI to showcase her leadership skills and curb her temper.


Audition: In her audition tape, Eva says she was the only girl in school who could do more than ten pull-ups. Then she says she would get along with everyone, after beating up a kid who accidentally hit her with a basketball.

Ezekiel (voice of Peter Oldring) is The Home-schooled.. [16]


Ezekiel is a socially-inept, sexist, home-schooled guy. He truly enjoys being homeschooled, as his parents want him away from the evil of the world. He joined TDI because it was doctor's orders; his doctor was concerned about his Vitamin-D deficiency so they were instructed to get him out of the house and into fresh air.


Audition: In his audition tape, he attempts to catch a moose, but winds up hitting his mom with an arrow.

Geoff (voice of Dan Petronijevic) is The Party Guy. [17]


Geoff loves to party and it's known as the "neutral" guy from the campers since he doesn't get problems with anybody else and doesn't like fights. He has a major crush on Bridgette and whenever he tries to hit on her he always messes up.


Audition: In his audition tape, he is at a "typical weeknight" party with a couple hundred of friends. He is shown getting a high-five from one of his friends. He goes on to saying that life is over very quickly, and that you need to enjoy it well by throwing a party every day of the week.

Harold (voice of Brian Froud) is The Skater Nerd. [18]


An awkward, geeky teen with various medical problems, who had the most badges while in Possum Scouts. He also took figure-skating lessons, which has led to him becoming incredibly agile. He is similar to Napoleon Dynamite in voice and personality.


Audition: In his audition tape, he shows off his Possum Scouts badges, then madly attempts to play a song on an electric piano, but it falls over and the camera goes out, followed by Harold's breathing sounds.

Katie (voice of Stephanie Anne Mills) is The Sweet Girl. [19]


She and Sadie are best female friends for life, dressing alike and spending all their time together. Katie and Sadie became best friends when they first met as next-door neighbours. Katie likes her best-friend-for-life Sadie, and dislikes being separated from her. Katie was originally on the Screaming Gophers, but could not stand to be on the opposite team as Sadie, so Izzy volunteered to switch with her during the first challenge. Katie joined TDI because it will bring greatness for her and Sadie. While Katie thinks with her heart, Sadie thinks with her head.


Audition: In her audition tape, she and Sadie dance together, but she bumps into the camera and knocks it over, and lands unconscious.

Sadie (voice of Lauren Lipson) is The Sweet Girl's Friend. [20]


She and Katie are best female friends for life, dressing alike and spending all their time together. Sadie met Katie when they first met as next door neighbours. Sadie likes her best friend for life Katie, and dislikes being separated from her. Unlike thin Katie, Sadie is overweight. However, throughout the series, only Katie herself had made the remark that Sadie was overweight. While Katie thinks with her heart, Sadie thinks with her head.


Audition: In her audition tape, after putting the camera back into an upright position, she knocks out Katie in a pillow fight. After she realizes this, she immediately switches the camera off.

Tyler (voice of Peter Oldring) is The No-Skill Jock . [21]


Tyler joined TDI for the wild challenges to test his "skills". He acts as a jock but in reality sucks at everything. During the competition he has a crush on Lindsay in which they are found frequently together in the bathrooms or beneath the dock. He has already kissed Lindsay in the Communial Bathrooms.


Audition: In his audition tape, he tells the viewers that this show needs an athlete, and that he is the man, he then wipes out in football, swimming, and basketball.


This is now one of my favorite shows. I encourage you to see this. There are some things though.

  1. Ezekiel was voted off first for saying guys are better than girls. They're not. In the show, his skewed view is cause by his parents homeschooling him. I'm home schooled, and I am not at all dumb or socially inept.
  2. Owen is constantly naked and only a slight blur blocks the nudity. It's hilarious, but very distasteful at the same time.
Otherwise, 9/10!
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