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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lend me your approval!

Thank you to Varaka for inspiring me to start a content block for blog approvals. Now I need it to grow. So yeah, if you're happy with this blog, I encourage you to drop your approval image in the comments. Or you can clap your hands, but that's not as fun.

Thank youuuuu. :)


In other news, we have serius plumbing issues at home. Any water we run, drain, or flush gurgles up in our basement. Haven't showered in days (it's cool, it's a long weekend). Roots from the bushes on our front lawn are blocking the pipe leading to the street. So we don't just need a plumber who charges us way too much to poke a rod down our pipes, we need guys to come in and excavate our yard. What's next, are they gonna find dinosaur bones? And it's all because of Ike. IIIIIIIke.

Also, if you'll notice, I revamped the header in the first content block, which looks quite nice.
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