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I posted a Top Gear topic today, and in the first post I said that the Top Gear I was talking about was about the original series, and not the other two rip off ones that the BBC have produced. I got this member, posting against it:


Are you kidding? I used to watch it on BBC america. Until they started bashing us. And by the way, ANY ameican rip-off would be better than the brittish original.


I found this incredible.


I mean... I looked at his posts, and one of them was 'What's your five favourite shows?'


His first, number one favourite, was Doctor Who. Now where would that be without the BBC?


And he also seems to forget that if the British never came to America, then a very vast majority of the current population there wouldn't exist. And also, the culture and everything would be very different also.


Yeh... I know... I'm making a big fuss about it :lol:


But anyway, on other subjects, I'm going to spend my monthly £20.00 on Takanuva when I get it on October the 20th :)


He looks very good, and the mask looks divine.


Yep... That's about it.


-Freeze :flaguk:

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