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Farshtey Feed (p161-164)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Farshtey Feed #3 today. Not much activity from the OGD this week since Greg is on a trip.

• Mutran is in the swamp.
• The energy that causes the mutagen is not mutagenic in and of itself -- it's when it interacts with a substance like water that it becomes mutagenic.
• The energies created the Pit mutagen, the same way radiation makes for radioactive water. In this case, the energies on their own are not harmful, but mixed with another medium, they are.


• Mutran and Icarax were not in the battle outside the Codrex.

• Vultraz threw the Bionicle variety of a sonic grenade into the De-Matoran village.
• Vultraz got the sound device from Gorast.
• It is most common for Matoran that live in villages to be all of the same type.

• In his Plan, Teridax knew that Mata Nui's death was a possibility and did not know which specific Toa was destined to use the Ignika.
• The Plan will fail if Teridax dies.
• Teridax is not in the location where Tuyet was able to fake the signal to awaken the Toa Mata.


• Any biomechanical being could, in theory, rebuild itself to become larger.
• There is a limit to how large a being can be rebuilt, depending on how much its musculature can support.
• Whether or not a severed limb can be replaced with another biomechanical one depends on whether or not the muscle tissue has been cauterized. The tissue must be able to regenerate.
• Lariska's arm must be mechanical because the tissue is damaged beyond repair.

• Jovan's team avoided the storms in Karda Nui once they completed their mission by moving fast.
• Ancient informed the Order of Mata Nui that Nidhiki and Krekka stole the prototype Zamor launchers.
• The Order in turn surreptitiously revealed to the Vortixx that the Dark Hunters were responsible for the theft of the launchers from Nynrah.

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