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I Also Have The Final Battle

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Monday, September 29, 2008


Despite absolutely dreary weather, a ray of sunshine comes my way. So yeah, I'm a happy man today :D . I stopped by the Borders conveniently located at a bus stop on the way home from school, and to my joy, they had The Final Battle stocked aplenty. For anyone who wants to pick up the book sooner rather than later -- GO TO BORDERS. THEY HAVE IT.

I read what I could on the bus/train ride on the way home. As I type, I haven't made it even close to the ending yet, so it's still going to be a surprise to me. But I'm eager to read on and find out just how accurate my infamous "Big Picture" theory, the theory I've nursed since April 2007, is. This is the final revelation -- right or wrong. Either way, I finally get to shut up.

All this, and I still get to watch the new Terminator and Heroes tonight. Unfortunately, I feel like homework doesn't stand a chance tonight.
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How ironic... When I got mine on the 27th, it was a very rainy day. Plus, I had to go all the way to the BORDERS in the mall, the only place in my state that had the book. And, they only had one!! BTW, PM me when you finish (I'm not asking for spoilers, as I read the book on the 27, but just PM me :)

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Wait, what? Banned? If I get the final battle, i'll get banned?




Not to worry; he was talking in reference to a comment I deleted, not your post.

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