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A 2009 Opinion

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No, it's not a complaint. Hurray!


I was watching the Tahu Nuva animation on www.Bioniclestory.com today. It made me think, seriously, on how things have changed.


I think that the main thing that truly drew me into Bionicle was the mix of mysterious island and mysterious beings and... well... mystery. Plus a hint of action and danger, plus epicness.

Back in 2000, Bionicle was released in Europe as a simple and excellent storyline with fun sets to build that tied the two together.

I think that back then, there was just an island. No massive scaled storyline, just an island. An island with a tropical feel to it, one with mystery and tention. If BIONICLE had started with an urban city, I think it's success would somehow be... worse, in my opinion. Tropical nature and mystery was the main thing that drew me in, and I liked that. It was very good, especially storyline wise.

The storyline- speaking of that- was very good. It was simple. There were six Toa, never knowing where they came from, who just happened to wash up on the shores of Mata Nui, who came in time for Matoran there, and their wise village elders, with vicious beasts running loose. The Toa had to defeat them. Simple as that.

After that, the Bohrok came. This was equally as good, and continued with a fine 2003 with marvelous villians like the Rakshi and the first scene of Makuta, the mastermind behind all the attacks.

2004 was when things started going downhill for me a bit. First of all, it was set in a city- I'm not a fan of cities. And one of the things, perhaps the dominant thing that drew me into BIONICLE was it's tropical setting. Without this, set in an urban environment, I was let down.

The sets got better. That's true. I was impressed.

But the storyline went a bit strange. I never really liked 2004 until the end of it when I started getting the hang of the change.

The wise village elders, the Turaga, got practically nothing. Dume was never there until he was found unconcsious, and Makuta lost his mysteriousness.

After this, 2005 came rolling' along. I went through a strange quirk in life, and I stopped liking BIONICLE until the beginning of 06', so I didn't see much of this.

2006- this year, I felt, was an improvement. Back in the open world', free from the hot and stuffy domes of the Matoran Universe. It was like 2001- helpless villigers on a mysterious island fighting all powerful beasts- except these 'beasts' were a bit less sophisticated than the others.

The Piraka- I loved em'. I think they were great, save their backstabbing habits. I mean... what sort of challenge is it when your enemies hate eachother? Just say 'Thok stole Reidak's chocolate', and they'd lose the battle before it began... Not cool.

Then, 2007. I LOVED this year. It resolved so many mysteries, and created just as many. We saw the first true sacrifice. The mask of life was used. The red star was hinted. Many more mysteries occured, and overall I loved the year.

And now we come to 2008- this year. I've seen the spoilers for BL11, so I won't reveal any of that. But I can tell you this- I love the ending of 2008. Better than any other ending. Fabulous.

However. The setting this year was a little screwed. For instance, we were in a massive cave. That's not a great, imaginative thing, is it? Why not a temple, or a mysterious island? A cave is boring. Winter, nothing but clouds and blue. Summer, nothing but swamp and green. That was it. I think this year was by far the worst. 2007 was just a sea, but at least it was fairly creative- after all, you can't just throw air breathing characters into a sea without thinking it through.

The storyline- well, what can I say? It's great. It's resolving all the mysteries created all over the years. It's tying up loose ends, while making fresh ones for 2009 and beyond.

But honestly, from here to 2001- what has changed?

I'm upset about the mystery. It's great, learning the end of all the mysteries, but now?

2001 was on one island. A tropical, unknown, island. 2008, we know at least 10 different locations, plus many, many more. It's good, yes, but there's no natural scenery.

But the storyline was good.

And 2009- this is what I love about it. We're going back to just one place, with nothing. A fresh new page in a book to write on. The 2001-2008 book has been filled, with locations and mysteries and facts, but 09' is new. We'll most likely get a ton more mysteries, too.


So what can I say? I'm looking forward to it.


-Freeze :flaguk:

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I hated the ending of '08. It was horrible, unoriginal, and totally not worth the $5 dollars to buy B11. Even if I didn't pay for it.


'08 as a Bionicle year was a huge let down. The only cool thing was the vehicles and the Phantoka as sets, which weren't worth the money to buy.


And '09 looks worse.

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I hated the ending of '08. It was horrible, unoriginal, and totally not worth the $5 dollars to buy B11. Even if I didn't pay for it.


'08 as a Bionicle year was a huge let down. The only cool thing was the vehicles and the Phantoka as sets, which weren't worth the money to buy.


And '09 looks worse.


I agree.


But I like the 2009 Storyline too! Its good!



- Fifdede

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