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Hello Again!

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Left Handed Moth


Well, I bought one-year Premier Membership! :D

So, basically, today was a complete mess. >< I went to my second-last art class on an empty stomach, and I forgot to do the homework. *double phoompsh*

I'm just finished working on a new Photoshop Project, tell me what you think.


Ipod Promo


I still see some flaws though :lookaround:


I've got a music project that I'm almost done with that's bugging me. :annoyed2: It's as if he's deliberately making us work harder than usual. It's all on the Baroque Period and Pachelbel's Canon. Well, at least I have three more days, noting that I still have a lot to do on other stuff. Other than that, I just watched Spiderman 1,2 and 3 in a row. All thanks to the internet and some of it's lovely contributors. :P

Now all I have to do is edit my blog!


*broken down warehouse with cobwebs*


Okay, that might take a while...



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