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Good evening dears.


Would you believe it, I was sitting in my tea shop the other day, when a giant swirly vortex thingamajig opened up and swallowed the whole shop! I was most amazed. Then it chlomped us back here. Apparently, that was the Rift belonging to that nice young man, Seranakakai. Or something like that. He left a note saying that he was going away for a short while, and he needed someone to take his place. Mocking people, or something like that. Mentioned barnacles too. Perhaps he's gone to the seaside?


Anyway, must dash dears, but do feel free to ask questions. And do have some tea.


Hugs and kisses


Sir Cynthia Corriander Felicity Barrington-Smythe x


P.S. Must remember to feed the cat

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However did you get the title "Sir"? Being a lady and all.



Title, dear? Oh, no no no, that's not a title. "Sir" is my first name. Short for Sirosis, dear.



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Oh, dear. Must remember to watch out for those multidimensional rifts. Oh, and the cat! I believe there are some leftover tidbits from last night's gorgeous dinner party in the pantry.





Excellent, love. Perfect!


<o> <o>

Inappropriate image replaced. - BCii

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