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Need Computer Help

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Figured it never hurts to ask -- I need to transfer a certain file for a computer game from my Windows XP to a vintage Mac OS computer. If you're a geeky computer game/tech kind of guy (or gal), you could really help me out. For any replies: thanks!
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It kinda depends on how old is your computers. :\


Cuz I think you can transfer game files via internet or local networking. Or CD/USB/Floppy.

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The Mac OS is disconnected from the internet, and it's too much of a hassle to hook it back up. I'm basically trying to download this file on the Windows for the Mac, then transferring the file over to the Mac on a CD (or a floppy, I suppose). I need a way to burn a disc on Windows in HFS format. I've poked around on Google search. Thanks for the reply!

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So.. you want to download a Mac file, but download it on your Windows. Then put it on disk, and upload it to the Mac.


You should just be able to click and drag the file into the Disk folder.


I know nothing about HFS format though. O_o

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I wish it were as simple as that, but it's not. Aside from the fact that the CD needs to be burned so that the Mac can read it, apparently I've read that there's a piece of Mac files that Windows computers cannot download. It's called a branch file or something.

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