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Blog Of The Week

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does anyone else miss Blog of the Week? It was pretty cool when you were the one they chose. Instant fame for a day or so...
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Yeah...I really enjoyed those. It was great when I finally got one on the second last day of 2007. :P

Yeah, someone should. I mean, I would if I spent more time looking at blogs. Well, more than I do at the moment, anyway.



EDIT: Signoff. <_<

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Yeh, they were fun. I agree with the decision to stop it at the time they did, because there really wasn't that many good blogs. They should start it up again, though, we've gotten so many blogs since.

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You could restart it in your blog if you wanted.


Well, essentially, so could I, but nobody reads mine at all, so it would be irrelevant. =P

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Yeah, I miss that. Of course, I had stopped reading the news about that when I got the award... XD



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