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Analysis Vs. Synthesis

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Often the most effective way to understand and experience a Lego model is in taking it apart. All of the pieces are revealed, and how they connected becomes apparent in the disassembly. You can gain a great deal of insight from a model even you yourself built.

We also have the art of building, creation, putting the pieces together. It requires knowledge of the rules of structure beforehand, rules you almost certainly observed and learned in the world around you without being aware of it or taking an academic course for it.

Is it better to understand by taking apart or putting together? The words analysis and synthesis literally mean “taking apart” and “putting together,” respectively. According to the popular and allegedly pseudoscientific right-brain/left-brain theory, the left brain is the seat of analytical thinking, along with its connotations of cold calculation, numerical computation, decisiveness. On the other hand, the right brain houses synthetic thinking, along with inclusiveness, conceptuality, creativity. Is any one superior to the other? Could any one do without the other? I hope not.
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