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Following Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, I cannot wait for Christmas.


I don't believe Christmas is entirely about presents. It sounds like I'm just trying to avoid making an image of myself as a spoilt kid, but I actually believe in that.


I mean- if I woke up on a plain old' day, I wouldn't be as excited for pleased as Christmas, when it's more about the atmosphere and families getting together.


Can't wait!


-Freeze :flaguk:

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I can't wait for Black Friday.




It's shopping, adrenaline, coffee, no sleep, and sales, all in one day!




[-The Alchemyst-]

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You've never heard of Black Friday?


Anyhow, I'm only excited about Christmas right now because it means a two week break from work. ;_;

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It's an American 'holiday' the day after Thanksgiving. Lots of stores open early close late. A lot of people shop that day. >>

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