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100 is cool

Um...i dont remember your MLN name

Also, where you want you clicks?

On one? Distributted? Random? Dont care?


~The Makuta collectively known as Ynot~

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1. NeoBlademanSeedCross


2. Put them on my Sticker Module please =)

Can do!


EDIT: I case you dont remeber mine: Toatony13!


ok, turns out i didn't have you added

And for some odd reason it's not letting me click til you approve


/EDIT: Merging double comments...

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Loose Sparks are easy now, since you can get them from the new Arcade Modules(I have some on my page. </shamelessplug>), and nails you can get from the Pet modules you get in Rank 5. But Pipes and Gypsum you'll have some trouble with...

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