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Ok, Seriously.

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I should have been some kind of psychic! Ya see, you got to read on.......................


When I was reading about Roodaka and her Mutation Spinner, I thought, hey? Isn't there a story about how Nidhiki got mutated? So I posted a topic that said Roodaka mutated Nidhiki. And guess what happened?


People completely killed my theory, saying that, "Roodaka was only introduced this year, how in any way could she have known Nidhiki?" And then like 4-5 months later, it turns out that I was right!


I wonder if anything like this happened to you? Hmm?

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I guessed that "City of the Lost" was whatever chunk of land fell off of Voya Nui.

But a bunch of other people did too.

More interesting: I had a dream that Turage Dume had hired Nidhiki and Krekka.

And in a way, I was right.


'Pineapple (The Tropical Fruit)

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