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Guitar Hero?

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The new craze is Guitar Hero.


I personally don't understand what's so awsome about it. I mean, I've played it and it's fun, but it's making people think they can really play the guitar, when they can't.


My guitar teacher is awsome.


Also, the Glatorian have arrived in the UK with an unneeded increased price! Anyway, I got Metus and Gresh. Both are awsome.


-Freeze :flaguk:

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Guitar Heroes may not be able to play a real guitar, but they certainly have a better understanding (if you watch the guitar lesson vids in GH:World Tour, anyways) than someone who doesn't really play guitar. Plus, many people that I know who play guitar can also play Guitar Hero, both rather well too.


I play it for the fun and the songs.


Also, do not by-pass the word filter. I suggest you edit that before a blog staffer has to.

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Well, I agree that it you can't play guitar if you just play Guitar Hero, I can though, I have about 30 electric guitars. Anywho though you have to admit, Guitar Hero is FUN!!!! I owned!



- Fifdede

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