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[/sarcasm]Well, I guess I lied about the comic in my last blog entry. I still want to link to the site Teebs' was ripping the idea from, but that would go against BZP rules.


Also, I just found out my dad was laid off his job and we are now only shakily being supported financially. Needless to say, this came as a rather large shock, seeing as he's been working there since before we were born. Despite his attempts to be positive about it, things are looking rather bleak.


I have to clean my room because my grandparent's are coming to spend the night tomorrow and will be sleeping there. This means at least 3 hours of making the room spotless, just because I happen to be the one with the queen-sized bed.


I have a headache. I also think I may be on the way to a stress-induced mental breakdown. Some support would be appreciated.

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