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Farshtey Feed (p219-221)

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Decided to go with bold orange dot to hilight interesting ones, for now.

• Inhabitants of Bara Magna are not born with their mechanical implants, and they can live just as well without them.
• Exsidian is a metal that resists wear and corrosion really well (a constant problem in a desert), so it's prized for use as a blade coating, etc.
Greg, on destinies on Bara Magna: "While I am not saying BM characters do not have destinies (I believe everyone does), it is not that big of a deal in 2009 story. These are people trying to just survive each day -- they aren't concerned with what they are supposed to achieve someday in the far future. I really doubt any of them would even believe in the concept of destiny. So it's not going to come up other than with relation to Mata Nui."


• If a village refuses another tribe's challenge for land, the land is considered forfeited.
The locations of the villages were selected mostly because of the proximity of the big BIONICLE pieces, which serve as shelters.
• The Glatorian and Agori are not aware of the Red Star, and neither are the Skrall. One needs a telescope to view it from Bara Magna, and no one has one.

• There are more Rock Agori than Skrall.
Most arena vehicle combat is done by Agori.
• Metus travels around a lot.
• Berix's hobby frequently takes him outside his own village.
• Tarduk and Berix are friends.

• Most exiled Glatorian die not long after being sent into the wastelands.
• Greg, on the Glatorian vehicles: "My guess is that most were designed prior to the war, and have simply been modified for arena combat over the years."
• The means and timing of concession in a Glatorian match is entirely up to the participants. It is never required that one forfeit; a Glatorian could keep fighting until he is knocked out or crippled, and have no choice but to concede. Most warriors, however, don't see the point in doing that.
• Trainee Glatorian come to the Atero matches. They will briefly appear in the story, though they will not be named.
Tarix is the current Glatorian champion.

Vezon was responsible for the portal Mazeka and Vultraz fell through.
• Guardian is dead.
• Lariska was assisting in the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta between Federation of Fear and Reign of Shadows.

The names of the other Agori are Crotesius, Scodonius, Kyry and Kirbold.
• Some of the Agori from Riddle of the Great Beings will be included in sets, and others will not.
• Kyry is from Vulcanus.
• The circle-symbol on Tarduk's map was a Matoran 'A.' There are other scraps with Matoran letters on them.


• While Zesk are good scavengers for food, Vorox are good at protecting the Zesk.
Great Beings are not able to change shape or size.
• Frostelus are considered intelligent Rahi.
• Neither Mata Nui nor Teridax ever needed to know what was inside the Red Star, and no Great Being was ever inside of it.

• The Sand Stalker will be a combo model of Malum and the Rock Steed.
The summer canister sets are called Glatorian Legends.

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Recommended Comments

Glatorian Legends eh? They are probably Legendary Glatorians!


Anyways, I was always wondering where those vehicles came from, and now we know. They were the when tech was more advanced. Maybe they will reverse engineer the vehicles?



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Yay! News! I love the Agoris' names! Also, that means that the riders of the summer vehicles will be Agori!

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Fascinating stuff!


If the GBs don't live in the Red Star, that means they must live on it, no?


Also, Glatorian Legends sounds like some dudes from back before the Shattering. Odd.

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