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The Element Of Retribution: Prologue

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The Black and blue figure stood in the middle of the chamber. The only light in the room came from the millions of arrayed blinking panels on the walls, and the steady beam coming from the figure's head something mounted on the wall.


"It is about to begin," the being spoke to itself, "Their time has come. They thought they could get away with leaving me for dead. They were wrong. I can't die."


The beam of light ceased to exist, and the room lit up completely. The room was cylindrical in nature, the walls being perfectly smooth and round, interrupted in their perfection only by rows upon rows of square lights. Upon closer inspection, one could see rows and rows of numbers moving vertically across the screens.


In place of four of the lights was a large black orb dome on the wall. It was lustrous, the unnatural lighting reflecting off its polished surface. In the center of the room there was another perfect circle on the floor, in the middle of which stood the figure. The Elementoid.


"Yes indeed," it continued speaking, despite the apparent lack of any other people, "They ignored me. They forsook me. They abandoned me." The figure continued on with synonyms for several minutes on end, not ceasing until he could think of no more. "Now they shall suffer for their actions. I'll make them all pay."


After a few moments, he spoke again, this time his voice much more synthesized in nature. "Preparations are complete. Begin operations."


The screens all over the room ceased their stream of numbers, as the numerals disappeared and the screens faded to a red color. Numbers now appeared with letters and began moving twice as fast, too fast to be observed with the unaided eye.


"Yes, indeed," The figure said. It would have smiled if it could, "My revenge has begun."



So my epic has begun. I Don't really know how well it'll turn out, so I'm posting the prologue here. Nothing too long, as I'm not positive how the story will go and I don't want to give too much away right now. I have a ton of characters ready to be used though.


And yes, I'm casting myself as the main villain, mostly since then I can godmod a lot more :evilgrin:

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