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The Element Of Retribution: Chapter 1

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"We have to retreat!" Disky shrieked over the sounds of battle. Her robes fluttered as a laser blast narrowly missed her shoulder and impacted the ground behind her.


"Yes, miss!" a member of the guard shouted in return. He signaled with his armored arm and many more of the guard lowered their weapons and bolted back away from the advancing line of enemy soldiers. Elementoys they were called, because of their simplistic, toy-like design. A rectangular body sat atop two treads. A large gun acted as an arm, and on top was a cylindrical head, glowing with it's green light even in the daytime. Simple, and a deadly force at the same time.


Disky began cryptically uttering a few words, but was interrupted as several Areal Elementoys screamed overhead, letting loose a barrage of laser blasts, one of which landed near Disky's foot and caught the hem of her cloak on fire. The sorceress merely willed the fire out - her pyrokinetic abilities had not failed her yet. She smirked and uttered the words again, this time in their entirety, and a bubble of blue energy expanded over her and then the rest of the guard members.


"Now scram!" She bellowed. She ripped off her outer cloak, and two green and black wings grew out of her back, stretching out. She flexed them, and with several powerful thrusts she was airborne, and quickly heading back towards the reinforcement lines. She watched the guard scurrying beneath her, trying to escape the advancing lines as they relentlessly came forward. Turning around, she noted how far their numbers stretched back...


Turning back around, she noted a bluish mist that had appeared beside her, and she slowed down somewhat.


"Teebert, how are things looking on the other end?"


A face formed in the mist as Disky spoke, "Not so good, we've lost quite a few of the guard to a robot - not like the Elementoys. It only identified itself as "Happy Material" before proceeding to smash a few people to bits with a giant mallet."


"I called a retreat, we're simply being overwhelmed in the East. I'm heading back to the Wall right now to alert the security force."


"Good. Vak will cover your force in the meantime-"




"And I'm going to go check on Arch-Angel to see how he's holding up. We sent him out with the smallest platoon, but it would be just like him to end up with the biggest force of enemies."


"You've got a point, though at least Moj is with him" Disky said, sighing. The face in the mist smirked before fading away. The cloud suddenly changed direction to head off to where Arch-Angel presumably was. Disky resumed her former speed, the details down below blurring as she flew faster and faster.


Not fast enough, apparently, as a formation of Areal Elementoys creeped up from behind her, quickly dispersing and surrounding her. Areals were much like their grounded counterparts, though with bigger bodies and two jet engines jutting out of their sides. Their laser blasted was mounted on the front and could swivel to take advantage of their position in the skies.


Right now those blasters were trained on her... Disky's hands became surrounded by an aura of fire, "I don't have time for this," she growled. She suddenly stopped her rapid speed and stayed in place, the Elementoys doing so with her. The vast green plains beneath them redefined themselves, and the signs of battle became quite visible now.


"Fine, let's get this over with," Disky sneered as the Elementoys consecutively fired.


Disky ascended up out of the way and let fireballs rain down on the six flying robots. Four were hit and started going down, but the other two dodged and came up back at her. Disky waited until the last minute until feigning and dropping down, blowing a steady stream of fire out of her mouth directly above her. The Elementoys couldn't stop in time and flew directly into the inferno.


Their charred bodies down behind Disky - she had already taken off back towards the city. There wasn't any time to spare.




Within a few minutes, the ominous walls of the city loomed before Disky. With a short burst of energy, she reached one of the guard towers, flying directly in through one of the windows.


A guard working at a computer terminal jumped up and reflexively pulled out his gun, though holstered it when he saw the high-ranking official before him. "Commander Disky, sir! Guard number-"


"Skip the formalities," Disky snapped. One of the reasons she was so against being promoted was the extra smalltalk involved in introductions. "We've called off a retreat. There are too many enemy soldiers for us to handle."


"Yes, we are currently undergoing the procedure to throw up a defense barrier. The main gate's been closed, and the sniper force dispatched. We got a report from Robo a few minutes ago explaining the situation."


"Thank goodness he's okay," Disky chimed, leaning against the wall, "Anyways, I'll go alert the rest of the commanders."


"Yes, Si-"


"Don't call me that," Disky snapped as she climbed back onto the windowsill, unfolding and stretching her wings, "'Sir', I don't like it."


"Yes Si- er, Ma'am?"


Disky rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she mumbled, leaping out of the tower and taking flight. She banked sharply to the right after a minute or two, to hopefully intercept Arch-Angel's platoon. Robo would have likely already received a status report on the situation.


She held onto her green witch's hat with one hand as she sped through the skies to ensure it didn't fall off. Flying had always had a calming effect on her, even in the heat of the battle. Even now, the wind flowing beneath her wings and whipping her hair back, as well as the brilliant sun above her, only served to comfort her. She yawned slightly, a plume of smoke drifting out of her mouth.


She was caught completely by surprise when a dead weight smashed into her back. Pain shot up her spine as she started falling...



So I included a bunch of my friends in this. If you don't like it then I can remove you, but I already have said people minifig'd, just so you know.

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