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Rock Band

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I'm thinking about starting a Rock band.


I can play guitar- and I usually fit the role of Lead Guitar instead of Rythym.


My friend plays drums- so drums should be sorted...


My other friend plays bass guitar- bass is awesome.


The only things I'm missing are Rythym Guitarist- I should be able to find one somewhere, and a vocalist.


I couldn't sing to save my life- Vocalist would be the more important out of the two. Nirvana, my fave band, managed without rythym guitar for 99% of their success, but I'd like to have one if I were to start a band.


I'm going over to my drumming friend's house tommorow, to see a sample of how my guitar works with his drumming. If it turns out well (Which it probably will), this may be the start of a rock band.




-Freeze :flaguk:



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I was in a band. I played keyboard. I got kicked out because they kept on setting the meetings when I had to go skiing. Didn't matter. They broke up a few days later anyway and skiing is fun.


Good luck! =)

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Thanks ;)


I played Piano until I got bored, which is practically the same as keyboard.


-Freeze :flaguk:



Depending how hard the rythm is - and where you live - i might just be able to do that - also depends on your and my age

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