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Farshtey Feed (p221-224)

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Friday, February 6, 2009

• Greg: "Sandbat is a creature, looks like of like a python with bat wings. Lives under the sand, mostly, springs out, attacks you, then dives back under." Greg would say sand bats are a good 7-8 feet long.
• The water tribe is probably the most economically powerful village, due to its water resources.


Greg, on the Rock tribe's access to advanced technology: "Has nothing to do with where they live. Has to do with where they LIVED." "Like the Skrall, the rock tribe was cut off from its homeland after the global disaster."

• Not all the Glatorian were on the same side in the EP war. The Skrall, however, were all on the same side.
• The annual tournament at the Arena Magna is called the Great Tournament.

• Metus's shield probably belonged to one of the Glatorian he trained and was given to him as payment.
Agori who remember life before the Shattering, if they were alive at the time, mostly don't like to talk about it and will often pretend ignorance if dealing with a complete stranger.
• Physical characteristics such as strength do not vary among the Agori tribes; they vary with the individual, as in humans.
• The Arena Magna was built by the Agori.
• The sand tribe was always nomadic.
The Agori once lived on Spherus Magna.

• Rock steeds are omnivores and are easily trained after subdued in battle.
• Bone hunters capture rock steeds in the wild.
• Fero and Skirmix are prominent in the first novel.

• Vezon's Olmak is fused onto his face.
• Scodonius is from Tajun.


• The Red Star was created before the Shattering.
Greg: "The timeline is, roughly, January comic -- Empire of the Skrall/Raid on Vulcanus/Riddle of the Great Beings -- The Crossing, Parts 1-4 -- March comic -- July comic/Crossing Parts 5-6 -- movie. Not sure where Sept. and Nov. comics will fall yet."
• The characters in the movie will more closely resemble their set forms than in previous movies.

-Matoran Universe
The Great Beings are the ones who tampered with the Blade Burrowers.
• The two bodies near Mata Nui's consciousness under Metru Nui are not Great Beings.
Greg, on Mata Nui's knowledge of his mission: "There was obviously a lot of damage done to his memory by the virus, since he also does not remember why he was created."
• Venom eels are native to the endless ocean.

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• The water tribe is probably the most economically powerful village, due to its water resources.


This reminds me forcibly of a theory concerning the power of the Water Tribe which was being bounced around S&T a few months back, one which I contributed to somewhat. Evidently, it wasn't at all far from reality. :happy:

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The characters in the movie will more closely resemble their set forms than in previous movies.


On one hand, this pleases me greatly. On the other, there'll be less variety in fanart.


EP war, I must have missed that acronym. What's it mean?

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Got it! *Yanks BC out of void.*

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The Glatorian were once soldiers on Spherus Magna during the EP War.

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So..there was EP on Spherus Magna, but they had a war, and somehow the planet broke into three gigantic pieces? What happened to the EP?


I know the EPE talked a bit about this, but I don't remember.


And isn't EP produced by MN? So..maybe the Magnans had a Great Spirit of their own!

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Here's a quote from BS01.

Energized Protodermis was once located in the core of Spherus Magna, the home world of the Great Beings. Kept in the core for some time, something eventually caused the substance to leak to the surface of the planet. When Glatorian soldiers discovered its ability to transform or destroy, a war broke out. The Great Beings used the substance to synthesize a powerless form of it, calling it Protodermis and quickly created different versions. They used the synthetic material to construct the Matoran Universe and placed Energized Protodermis throughout their creation before sending it off the planet.


Now for the Glatorian.


Originally, Glatorian were soldiers who fought over the control of Energized Protodermis on Spherus Magna more than 100,000 years ago. They eventually ended up in Bara Magna, which endured a cataclysm splitting it into several pieces.


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There is speculation that Spherus Magna was shattered and became Bara Magna and it's moons, but it hasn't been confirmed.

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