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Rickroll The Whole School

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Takua the Wanderer


In our school, we have music playing during the time between classes, instead of a bell. And since the school lets us pay them to let us choose our own song for a while...



One of my friends already paid for it, but we have no idea when they're going to play the song. What makes this really funny is that the idea of "buying songs" is intended to be for dedicating songs to each other for Valentine's Day. XD


Oh, and I got Cave Story for my PSP. Hooray for freeware! :D

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Yeah, we have the same thing, except last year, for our video announcements, we all got Rick-rolled in one segment by the "anchorman". It was weird, but expected.



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My bro once almost Rick Rolled the entire band camp by replacing this guy's CD in his car...that took some Ninja skill right there, lemme tell ya.

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No, because I don't think I got Rickrolled. Then again, I don't even know what the song sounds like. :P


Anyway, I go to school in Oregon.

Therein lies the problem =P







Ooooooooooooooooooo-hio. Ohio.

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