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Linkin Park Suck

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Linkin Park Suck


Whilst browsing google videoes and another site, I came across a video 'Linkin Park sucks'.


The guy who made it obviously hates them so much that he dedicated his time to expressing his hate towards them :blink:


I, for one, do not like Linkin Park. I think they're boring, unoriginal, and above all- they've practically stabbed the rock genre with a sharp knife when they fused rap and rock together. Their songs have bad rock riffs in the background with two nutcases 'singing' rap, and there's apparently another guy who does DJ. None of them are rock stars to me, I think they're all bad at what they do. :)


But this guy hated them enormously. :o


I would link to the video if it did not have powerful swearwords in it, but it made me laugh SO much man! :P


It is in a 'Microsoft Sam Default Voice'. It's basically a long complaint about Linkin Park. But it's also very insulting, perticuarly towards the fans.


But what the heck- it was funny and made me laugh a lot!


Guitar Song


My guitar lesson starts in about an hour. We're learning 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns N Roses. This song is epic beyond epicness.


The song is harder to play than meets the ear! ( :blink: ) the song is tuned down half a step, and has subtle differences in the riff every few strums, making it a hard song to play. But heck, it's been worth it, and I've finished the riff. The chorus is harder, and don't even talk about the solo!


Guns N Roses are such a good band. They're disbanded now, and Axl Rose the saviour has brought together several musicians over the years of his dissapearence to replace Slash.


Most people like the old band. Some people prefer the new band.


In my opinion, they cannot be judged. But what annoys me above all is the fact Axl Rose has kept the name 'Guns N Roses'. Because no matter how hard these guys can play rock, they aren't Guns N Roses anymore. Guns N Roses were Hard Rock, but the new musicians like Buckethead (who has serious issues, but he's cool anyway) play something like metal.


I like both the bands- and Chinese Decromacy is one You can't say that on television! -Kame album. But to call the new guys Guns N Roses is a crime, to me.


As for Slash...


Velvet Revolver, anyone?


5th January update


Ah, Friday. The blissful day of the week when I can finish the week of school and not have to worry about homework. :D


I downloaded Guns N Roses' November Rain to my Ipod. Itunes is a fantastic invention. Nuff said.


That's all for now...


-Freeze :flaguk:

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Linkin Park....uugh.

I can't believe I actually liked them for a bit.

Guns N Roses are much better, but I don't like the new band. They try to fit in with modern times, and Shacklers' Revenge is a poor excuse for metal.

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I agree.


I think the new Guns N Roses are completley awesome, but they don't have the right to call themselves Guns N Roses, but Slash's blues/rock solos and riffs don't fit well with the new Metal guitarists.


Age is taking it's toll on Axl Rose. I feel sorry for him- he's actually losing his voice...


-Freeze :flaguk:

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Actully, rap and rock together can be good (*coughRageAgainstTheMachinecough*). But linkin park somehow screwed it up.

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The problem with Linkin Park is that they are unoriginal. There is nothing unique about them, apart from their uniquely bad music.


-Freeze :flaguk:

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And I thought I was harsh when I said I didn't like certain bands. =_=


Edit: I am harsh with awful bands like the Jonas Brothers and Linkin Park.


-Freeze :flaguk:


I could say similar things about music you like, but I won't.



Besides, they must be doing something right, or they wouldn't be popular.

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I sometimes listen to Linkin Park. I enjoy some of their songs. I think they've got some genuine talent. But then, I'm not a music expert. (At all.) And there are lots of artists I can think of that I like better than LP. But still, to say they suck is a pretty strong statement, and one that I find unwarranted, personally.


EDIT: ... said the tasteless guy with Linkin Park lyrics in his sig. :P



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