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Rank 9.

Blessed Blade


So, I forgot to blog about this... again...


I'm Rank nine. The Rank of spaceships and...


Nebs and Trans. Nebular Crystals and Transparent Bricks that is. The Nebs aren't that bad, but the Trans... 5 per harvest, 1 per day or 25 clicks... >_> So, I could use clicks on my sticker modules and my Lightworm to help out with this rank =)


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Sorry, busy =P Might have more stuff to blog about when LRC gets up and going fully and teams actually start facing each other, but who knows, since you can never tell who has what zone in this >_>

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Blade haz forgetten us~ =P

Shall we bombard him with PMs?

I'll take care of it. =P

What happened to 'I'll Take care of it'?

Two weeks later....

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