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I watched the entire DVD last night. While the DVD itself is filthy and scratched, it still played somehow.


It has the following episodes:

"White Light 1 and 2"-the first appearance of Tommy as White

"Countdown to Destruction 1 and 2"-the finale of In Space, the final chapter of the Zordon era

"To the Tenth Power (I think that was the title)"-Space/Lost Galaxy teamup against the Psycho Rangers, only part 1 (the teamup) is included, however, Kendrix's death and Psycho Pink's revival episode isn't in the set

"Trakeena's Revenge 1 and 2"-Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue teamup

"Forever Red"-the Wild Force tenth anniversary with all the Red Rangers


Good set, White Light could probably be replaced by all five or six parts of Green With Evil though, Trakeena's Revenge could be replaced with either a Timeforce episode (I'm mad about one not being included) or Reinforcements From the Future (Time Force/Wild Force teamup).

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