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Why I Think Nirvana Is The Best Rock Band Ever.

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If you disagree with me, or do not like Nirvana, please don't hesitate to keep the comments to yourself, yeah? :P


Reason 1: Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and Kurt Cobain are all completely awesome and cool, much more cool than rappers and modern musicians.


Reason 2: The basslines rocked.


Reason 3: The drumming puts most drumming roles to shame, and quite a far way beyond. The drumming in this band is excellent.


Reason 4: All the members have equal roles. This is nothing like these stupid pop bands nowdays where only the vocalists are credited. The basslines were harder than the guitar roles, as were the drumming roles.


Reason 5: Kurt Cobain sang excellently, in a grunge rock voice, and also played LEAD guitar. Not Rhythm, LEAD guitar. This means solos and everything.


Reason 6: They were a mix of alternative rock (seen in Nevermind) and pure Grunge (Bleach and Incesticide).


Reason 7: They didn't give a *cough* about money or the buisness side of Rock, unlike the new, modern day, money grabbing pop/rock bands.


Reason 8: They destroyed their guitars and drums at the end of the shows.


-Freeze :flaguk:



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