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Farshtey Feed (p180-182*)

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Friday, May 8, 2009

• No one living on Bara Magna would refer to it as "planet Bara Magna," analogous to the fact that no one living in California would refer to it as "planet California" were it to break off into space.
• Bone Hunters are physically stronger than Agori.
• Greg, on the relationship between the Skrall and Glatorian species: "All part of overall the same species, in the same way humans and other animals are primates."


• Thornax do not grow outside of the Bara Magna desert.

• The Great Beings did not intend for the Element Lords to go to war with each other.
• The Glatorian who fought in the Core War fought against each other on behalf of their respective Element Lords.
• The EP war was, of course, related to the Shattering.
• Greg would say the Shattering is indirectly the fault of the Great Beings.
• It is possible that regular protodermis had been created before the discovery of energized protodermis and simply not have been in use.
• The Bone Hunters existed as Bone Hunters even before the Shattering; they were simply not as prevalent or active.
• Greg, on the function of Tarix's tube: "No, haven't worried about it because I don't need to for story. BUT -- my feeling is a lot of what you are seeing on armor and weapons is stuff that dates back to the Core War and had a function THEN -- which may not still operate NOW."

• In the case of a three-way dispute between villages, two Glatorian fight in a match, and a third then fights the winner.
• Vastus has won the Great Tournament more than once.
• Strakk has never thrown a fight.
• Win-loss statistics of Glatorian are not published, though their villages are certainly aware of their records.
• Certavus was older than Ackar.
• Besides the Skrall, Tarix is probably the Glatorian currently with the best record.
• Ackar once had his prime, but he is not in his prime anymore. He thinks it is because his age is catching up with him, but Greg considers it more to be a lack of confidence.
• Kiina is not the only female Glatorian; she is simply the most successful of the current females.

• Mata Nui's mission is intended to remedy a problem, not simply to avoid one.
• The Red Star comes down, attaches to Mata Nui, and then lifts him off a planet when he needs to leave.
• The Red Star is made of protodermis.
• The Toa Nuva's Suva are currently on Metru Nui.
• Nuparu has contacted Takanuva.
• Greg, on what Karzahni's Matoran worked on making: "Now and then weapons for Karzahni to use to defend his realm, but more often, totally useless items which he then destroyed and made them make over again."


• Greg: "His [Gresh's] mood is lighter in the movie. Gresh, because he is young and relatively inexperienced, tends to try and act very grim and serious all the time, and Kiina has been after him to lighten up, which he does (somewhat) in the film."
• Greg is saving the introduction of Skrall females until later this year.
• Kiina is obliquely named after Greg's wife, Jackina.
• Illustrations of baterra are planned sometime for the future.

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