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Farshtey Feed (p182-183*)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

• Greg: "Strakk's attitude is a lot closer to the typical Glatorian than, say, Gresh's is. Some Glatorian, like Vastus, are motivated by the need to make up for their past, some, like Tarix, by love of their village, but most in general are in it for the shelter, the food, the equipment -- those are things you can't do without in a desert, and at some point, you will be too old to make a living as a Glatorian, so you have to get it while you can."
• Vastus's regrettable past involves his participation in the Core War. Greg: "Well, some war veterans in our world get along with their life post-war just fine, and some are tortured by guilt. Everyone is different in how they react to things, right?"


• When Metus wants to recruit new Glatorian, he travels to different villages and looks for recruits in the wastelands who may have chosen not to be Glatorian up to now.

• Apparently, "Tajun" is pronounced like "TAY-zun."
• The traitor against Tajun is a 2009 set.
• Many of the weapons carried by the people of Bara Magna were once powered, and their power has long run out, explaining why Berix's sword has a tube.
• Greg, on the large population of Vorox and Skrall: "My feeling is this -- the Vorox are native to the desert, because they were a sand tribe to start with, so they were probably on Bara Magna for long before the Shattering. The Skrall's main fortresses were north of the Black Spikes and in the Black Spikes, so they had large numbers already in the area when the Shattering happened. The other tribes did not have large armies in this part of the world at the time, so their numbers to start with were not as high."
• Greg, on survivors of the Shattering: "[W]hether or not anyone survives elsewhere [from Bara Magna] is not something story team has discussed, since we aren't telling stories at this point about anyplace else but here."
• There is a particular reason male Skrall avoid female ones.
• All Bone Hunters are black, and all Rock Steeds are red.
• Not all Vorox carry Thornax launchers, but many do.
• While Bone Hunters can ride on Sand Stalkers, it is very rare that they do.
• The transition of Bara Magna's jungle to desert, as referenced in "The Crossing," had already begun before the Shattering ever took place. Most deserts on our world were once lush and green and transitioned over time. In the case of BM, the Shattering accelerated that process.

• The Vorox fought in the Core War under the Element Lord of Sand.
• Vastus fought for the Element Lord of Jungle, who controlled plant life.
• Greg, on the Element Lords: "I do consider them the same species, the same way that Toa are the same species but one might be controlling fire and another ice. The ELs were all made the same way, just with control of different elements."
• Greg: "I haven't said anything about how many [Element Lords] were created. We have met two, and can assume there were at least four others, but nothing has been said about whether others may have existed."
• There is only one Element Lord for each element.
• The Element Lord of Water ruled Spherus Magna's Great Sea, and the Element Lord of Ice ruled the Northern Frost.

• Mata Nui's original body is much bigger than the red star is.
• Pouks's Kanohi cannot copy weapon or mask powers.
• Greg assumes the circular Matoran letters preceded the hexagonal style, since the circular one is used in Metru Nui, which was built early on.
• Greg, on the Olmak's rarity: "For one thing, do we know it is necessarily considered "rare"? For example, have we ever seen another example of Axonn's mask? It's possible there are a lot of masks of which only a couple exist at present. There may have been more in the past which were destroyed, or not."
• Greg thinks the Matoran universe will be shown in a future comic.

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