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A Question

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Grey Snow


1. Do you prefer simply "Chapter 1"

2. "Chapter 1: Rise of the Toa"

3. "Chapter 1: The Toa---A New Enemy Rises!"

4. "Round 1: A Battle in Vulcanus---Defeat the Mighty Skrall!"


So simply, what would you prefer for a chapter name? Something simple, like the first two, or something more like you may see in, as someone has told me in the past, Naruto (I actually got the idea from Gundam SEED), such as the 3rd or 4th option? The 4th is really just another idea (one I'm using in my Bara Magna epic), changing "Chapter" to something more befitting of the epic or what its about.


So, out of curiosity, what do you prefer?

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I've a weird weakness for stuff like "In which Gelu battles a worthy opponent, and an insidious threat emerges from below." Anything that starts with "In which" is cool by me because I am crazy.


Otherwise, I'm fine with anything but the fourth one, which sounds like a level for a fighting game. It sounds like it's asking you to defeat the Skrall. The idea's arright, but still.

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