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And for good!


A very wonderful person purchased another PMship for me, a lifetime one, no less, and I am incredibly grateful for it! Not sure if he/she want his/her name mentioned here, so I'll wait with naming who it was until I know for sure.


Anyway, I'm glad to have my blog back, especially since it's a lot sooner than I was expecting. Completely unexpected, in fact.


It snowed yesterday. Yeah, June 6, 2009, and it snowed yesterday morning. I believe they said it was the first time ND has seen snow in June in at least 50 years, possibly longer. It didn't last long though, it melted within a few hours, but it was still cool.


Finally, I think I'm going to enter the Pimp My Blog contest. :D



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It was me.






Not. =P


But, that's pretty cool that you got a free PMship. =P

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