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A Second Lightstone Epic?

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Grey Snow


To all of my fans of the epic "Lightstone", I pose this question.

Should I make a second epic? Sure, the characters are appearing in the Kingdoms of Nightmare Trilogy, but, should I make another Lightstone epic that coincides with KoN?

For those of you who don't know what Lightstone is, it's an epic involving Matoro after his death. He was revived by unknown means-well, he's not truly living. He's just...there. He can't die. He can be destroyed, but technically he can't "die". Matoro is thrust into leadership of an elite team by the Order of Mata Nui as they enter the Destiny War.

The Lightstone unit (a name that Matoro decided on) is led by Matoro, with disowned Order members named Introk and Torshia, and two Toa, a Toa of Water named Rhylm and Earth named Orwik.


For more information on the first ten or so chapters, go here. It's likely not going to be updated since I rarely go to BS01 anymore.


The team's goal is to protect the Matoran from any threats, native or alien. This has taken them all across the Matoran Universe, battling many forces. From mutated Rahi to dangerous beasts from the Void-a dimension opposite the Matoran Universe in essence, a real of darkness in a way. They fight and win on behalf of the Matoran Universe.


They have been joined by others, including the Memory Changer from the Void, named Shkorl, and Hahli Mahri, with the rest of the Toa Mahri during the final two chapters of Part 2 (chapters 11-20). Also, with the beastly Klofn, the manipulating Wesker and others, including two of their ultimate enemies, the Phantorians.


Lightstone is "Outside the Order, above the Toa. Arming the Matoran race against the future. Now is when everything changes, and Lightstone is ready."


Members have had terrible lives in the past, mainly slaughter of someone or some people near to them.


All five members have died at least once. Matoro, of course has died. The other four members died against their first major enemy's life stealing ability, but were revived later on, upon its death, rending Matoro into a coma.

The only other death in the team had been Orwik. He was killed by a scientist, but revived for a brief minute to give the team a goodbye. He didn't die again, he stayed in a living death state.


Lightstone has worked alongside the Resistance in a post apocalyptic future ruled by the Toa Nuva in the Kingdoms of Nightmare Trilogy's first epic.


Now, I need to know what to do with them. Should they just continue on as more minor characters, or, should they be in the spotlight once more, in their own new epic?

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